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money no object. Nelson Pass" I don't know why this invention didn't bring me fame Nelson Pass Labs B1 Buffer Pre-Amplifier Update DIY Having sold the last B1 buffer I built I ended up building another. Passive ATCs match pretty well, too, they just need a lot of power. Speakers are ML Source electrostatics which are 90 dB efficient. I always had a warm and fuzzy feeling about Pass Labs amps since I have heard X-150. It's an active preamp with zero gain and a buffered output to avoid any impedance mis matches . I dont want to put you off, but I was messing with passive preamps (homemade) from when I was about 16 and I am 41 now. Great functional condition and dead quiet. 0 preamp, and several sets of speakers, namely Audio Omen Dirty Weekends, and my reference ATC SCM 100 passive studio monitors. Amtrans discrete resistor pot. Visit us now and host your site with WestHost today! I've been a passive user in the experimental system for a while now, tho a Nelson Pass B-1 buffer has been a recent addition. A good autoformer avoids some of those issues. Wayne and I and the rest of the people at Pass Labs sincerely hope these products enrich your listening experience for many years. The First Watt F6 offers a fantastic option to anyone in the market to drive sensitive speakers in the 90db’s/8ohms territory and even picks a compelling fight with speakers that are moderately difficult to drive. Wayne’s modesty has tended to keep him out of the spotlight, and he does not like to write, and so it falls on me to trumpet his latest achievement. And was one of those early over the top products from the mind of Nelson Pass. The amp still has volume pots so I turn the B1 up all the way and the amp up a little. 75) Posted by airtime on 2018-12-29, 08:41:48 (24. Finally I have one more test to do before landing in the active preamp camp for my setup - Nelson Pass's B1 buffer (no gain, but powered), a device that will better match the input/output impedances. Xs Preamp wners Manual 2 Introduction There are people who do not know that Wayne Colburn has designed the Pass Labs preamplifier products for the last 20 years. Replacing the resistor in the J-FET's source brings us close to what Nelson Pass has made famous: "The First Watt B1 Buffer Preamp". In the mid 50’s, when electric guitars became popular, all amplifiers were designed for vocals, and they didn’t really give the edge guitarists wanted. The preamp is fed by an Xono phono stage with a low output cartridge (Grado Statement). That way, there is extremely minimal signal loss because of the volume control. experiment Passive preamp used IT and ALPS Volume control + Open Beffle 3ways speakers Take a tour of Nelson Pass Well , Pass Labs is not your Daddy's SS. Shipping: Cost to ship this item within the Contiguous United States is a flat rate of $27 - including packaging and insurance. 8 is an extra bonus. Once you build one First Watt clone, you can reuse everything (case, power supply, etc. The whole series (LV-103, 105, 103u, 105u, and the rare 107u) are based on a high gain hybrid power amp with a passive front end. If so the volume control is passive and only attenuates the signal it is feed and not the output. The purpose of the B1 Buffer is to address impedance mismatches between a volume control and an amp. First Watt Amps - Nelson Pass We Interview Nelson Pass From LP cutter-head electron-ics to car amps, from the 1kW/ ch X1000. First Watt (by Nelson Pass) B-1 for sale. The INT-250 and INT-60 are not literally identical to their stand-alone counterparts the X-250. Pass Labs is regarded as one of the top five manufacture of high-end If you stack a Mimby and Mani next to your Saga you can use a Pyst cable for one of the devices, but will need a slightly longer IC for the other device. Stay tuned for my observations, once I have any. Provided the transistors were closely matched - there will be negligible DC offset at the output and, what is even more interesting for us: much lower level of distortions. Heatsinks Mosfet temperature should be around 50-55°C, so roughly 25-30°C above ambient, [a bit higher values] are also possible though at a certain risc. It has the capability of three inputs. (And on closer examination, the internal build, and the schematic, are nearly identical to the Threshold "S" series power amplifiers from the same era. passdiy. You need to look at this part of the Nelson Pass quote more I'm on my third Pass preamp, having previously owned an X2 followed by an X1. It just sounds 'right' in an understated sort of way - purity and naturalness in spades with good separation and depth perspectives. Gave $500 for it with hard case, couldn't pass it up and it's now my main player in one of the two bands I play in. I'll ask a passive preamp maker to see if that is feasible but any thoughts from you . Those at the ASBO will testify to the fact that it's in no way anaemic sounding. One owner. Threshold S-150 Series II stereo power amplifier ICONIC NELSON PASS DESIGN Promitheus TVC (Transformer Volume Control) Passive Preamp 300 300 USD USD. It was a pure class A design that used cascade gain stages that with matched FETs driving a PNP, whose collector was biased by a constant current source that drove a complementary pair of followers. Music First Audio Baby Reference passive preamplifier - description This is a new multi-function Preamp designed by Douk Audio and Little Bear, you can used it as MM phono preamp or HiFi Tube Pre-Amplifier. Thanks Jon for the feedback. The only issue was the selector switch on the preamp was knocked at some stage with the internals breaking off. in the $500 - 600 range. I am working on a choke loaded line level preampfor a guy with a Nelson Pass SS SE mosfet amp. There’s just enough gain. The latter, interestingly enough a Nelson Pass design, comes much closer to the real thing. NOTE: You can see Nelson Pass' DIY article of this unit by clicking here. A 100k pot will have a 25k ohm output impedance when adjusted for -6db attenuation. I have the Pyst running from the Mani to Input 1 of the Saga I had to get a 1' BJC to run from the ModiMB to Input 5 of the Saga. The B1 is a passive preamp/buffer, an Nelson Pass makes a buffer for his resistive passive due to the unusual impedance of his SS amps. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Can be found on Reverb i. High-end solid state amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and loudspeakers featuring Pass Labs’ minimalist philosophy - Products that invite you to listen. APCG-01S Not your grandmother's preamp (not that she has one) ! Lundahl transformer to provide 6 db of gain. Klipsch Gate Nelson Pass has beaten the current source to death, so I’m not going to repeat much of his work. The former, an early solid-state design circa 1970, sounds a bit raspy, grainy, and deficient in tonal color. Case is thick aluminum with aluminum knobs. Design Your Own Distortion By Rikupetteri Salminen History of Distortions. Since a passive preamp can add considerable impedance to the audio signal, the total capacitance of the interconnect cables can conspire with the cable/preamp resistance to act as a low pass filter that rolls-off the higher frequency signals in the audible range. Rogers Amtrans Passive Preamp. 8 and XA-60. Nelson Pass And while I now recognize the quality of p bass, is it so far-fetched to believe that one cannot get a Jazz bass to have the same thickness of sound that a P bass inherently has? I know that my pass jazz bass can't quite there, but what about that same bass with a preamp installed with 3 or 4 bands and possibly something like Audere's "Z" switch? Here are blog posts about the best in amps, audiophile amplifiers, integrated amps, analog amps, tube amps, class A-B amps, digital power amps, integrated amps and/or anything that takes an audio input and gets it ready for a pair of audiophile speakers. Well, there actually is such thing as a passive preamp if you put buffers in front and after the volume control. com. 11 hrs ago by thunderbrick. 2TL with complete mods, Pass Labs X0. The XP-20 is simply the most transparent, quiet, dynamic and 'not there' preamp I've ever heard. And according to a test report in Stereophile ?? so was the GFP-565. I agreed Passive is the way to go if you want transparency. A teensy bit of second harmonic and no noise at all. markets its unique amplifiers and preamplifiers. A Quote from the master Nelson Pass. ” That same warning applies to the Xs 300s, and even more to listening to both. " Asked whether he'd compared the Pass integrated and First Watt amp, he admitted no. Think passive, but without the issues of impedance matching. Neck through Wenge and maple, Bartolini Mark 1 pups and preamp, active/passive switch, Hipshot tuners and bridge. Nelson Pass' email address is nelson@passlabs. This pair of F-4 Clone Boards use the same circuit as the Nelson Pass / Firstwatt F-4 model. This buffered passive preamp is sonically transparent to me, I am . Not surprising since this was designed by Nelson Pass, and it was part of Adcom's flagship statement system they introduced in the late 1990's to show off what they could do at an affordable price. Tortuga Audio LDR300. Panier. After level matching with pink noise before each run, I started with the unbalanced outputs of the e22 set to unity gain. My room is acoustically treated by plush curtains for better sound, i plan to put Skyline Diffusers soon. Used prices are between $850-$1,000 depending on condition and whether or not owner still has a functioning remote. are some alternative mosfet suggestions, though the probably simplest would be what [Nelson Pass himself] says, to use the IRFP240. I've had a few high end preamps in my system at various times, including Krell, BAT, Chord and Croft, but I've never been tempted away from Pass. The First Watt Model B1 Buffer Preamplifier . The pcb is fully populated and I just recieved the 20K stepped attentuator. 8, and it necessarily has lower bias current in the output stage and does not operate Class A to 60 watts, rather somewhat less than half that. For your consideration is a mint condition less then a year old Tortuga LDR300. I do not want a large, old receiver acting like a preamp so I am looking for a smaller option. First Watt’s latest DIY offering, the B1 buffer stage, is described by Nelson Pass as “ a no-feedback JFET buffer that offers ultra low distortion and noise with ultra wide bandwidth. Nelson Pass I wanted to determine by how much the Ayre preamp fell short of that standard. I merely pointing out that adding active electronics, either with or without gain, to a passive pre-amp turns it into an active pre-amp. Former Stereophile Class B recommended component. It’s using two pcs 2SK170 per channel and from what I understand it operates in Class A. As he worked on his degree, he was already an audio designer, focusing on loudspeakers great training for a designer of audio amplifiers. Maybe he'll chime in with his thoughts/findings. I first stuffed the circuit boards, including the power supply PCB, with the passive parts: WestHost is a Personal 1fessional web hosting company. My amp is similar to yours - a Nelson Pass designed First Watt F5 with 25wpc. has designed and experimented more with different amp designs than Nelson Im using a passive summing box going into a two ch preamp on mix down and deffinately like what the different preamps can bring to the party. Every so often I need to test something which doesn't have a volume control and it always ends up with some half-baked solution thought up on the spot. Driven in balanced mode from my preamp, the FA252 makes 28, 26 and 24 dB gain from preset 1-2-3 respectively. I touched on this briefly in a previous post but am looking for a solid answer before considering a purchase. ADCOM GFP-750 Preamplifier Audio upgrading of the superb ADCOM GFP-750 stereo preamplifier is available. 5 amplifier. It is interesting that you still think it is acceptable with an input impedance of only 7k5. Introduction. The Pass Labs B1 could be the perfect answer for the ST20 . This features the "Stasis" design found in the more expensive Threshold amps. just introducing my experiment of passive Vol control. It was my first beginning to end DIY project, and it worked to my shock and amazement. 6 out of 5 - 5 reviews I know Nelson Pass makes good stuff and this is a passive amp so nothing could be at  Jul 15, 2018 amplifier design, it would have to be Nelson Pass, the genius working . B1 - A stereo buffered passive volume control with two inputs. Mar 25, 2017 High gain phono stages should also work well through the Pass B1. I’ve used 10000uF/25V Dubilier caps, 1uF MKP’s (3pcs) and 12uF Jantzen cross-caps. I later moved to a modified EAR 834 phono with volume control run directly to a JBL UREI 6260 with my Magnepan system. Rate this link Nelson Pass 3-way balanced ASP-> 6x MOD686-> LXmini+LXsub2; PowerBox Ncore (ASPinside) was configured as demo unit, fitted with a switch to Nelson Pass 3-way balanced ASP change between LXmini and LXmini+2 configuration (change in mid-woofer eq and sub-switching). Photo credits Eike Linkwitz and D. Going beyond the 1 volt 'speed limit' into higher gains obviously increases the distortion profile. I already have a Adcom GFP-565, which is a very good preamp, the GFP-1 also has a sub . Zen Amp and Bride of Zen Preamp . But Nelson heads a team of engineers at the California company: Their XP-30 preamplifier, which I enthusiastically reviewed in April 2013, was designed by Wayne Colburn; and the subject of this review, the HPA-1 headphone amplifier, is the first Pass Labs product designed by Jam Somasundram, former The preamp is fed by an Xono phono stage with a low output cartridge (Grado Statement). I've had searches out for a used one, but none of the owner ever sell them. It has unity voltage gain, and the buffer allows impedance matching, volume control, and multiple source A few changes in the system later, the Meitner pre (with phono) and a Nelson Pass-sanctioned F5 DIY amp (solid state Class A, 25wpc) have been providing many hours of bliss. patents related to audio circuits. DIY Audio Build - with better pictures than mine - is here. A resistive passive preamp will have a (worse case at the -6db attenuation) output impedance of 1/4 the value of the whole. 3:32 AM Founded in the 1970s by Nelson Pass and René Besne, it was acquired by a large Its a good thing that I read your post. Pass designs an active impedance buffering stage that matches impedance between source components and amplifiers, which is the main limitation of passive pre amps. I built this NuTube preamp unit from the DIY site with the board. 25k is not acceptable as it can't drive anything well. My power amp: the Nakamichi PA-7, designed by the legendary Nelson Pass. Pass has given a very lucid account of the design philosophy. Equally importantly, it is the only active preamp I have yet heard which Passive preamp (passive volume control) Solid State Preamp Reviews. The builder uses a linear power brick for the power supply to this circuit, and since its not in the signal path there is no effect on sound quality due to it. The Meitner, to my ears and in my system, is an excellent preamp despite being 30 years old. V25 Buffered Preamp with a solid state JFET output buffer rev B edition (final edition) Very transparent, intuitive remote control menu, does everything you'd want. I am interested in understanding the limitations of a passive preamp and wondering whether it would be right for me. Hi all, After missing out on a Nelson Pass B1 preamp recently, I decided I'd have a look at building one. The buffer circuit is a simple Jfet follower operated with no feedback. ECOFAN Passive Preamp and Valve Bufferzone for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand's #1 auction and classifieds website The same logic is applied to Nelson Pass's First Nelson Pass, the mastermind behind the XONO is very DIY-friendly and often releases circuits to the DIY community. 1 year on Pass labs warr These are the best and the most powerful amplifiers for the money. Both the preamp and power amp 565's have issues with leaky (literally electrolytic leaking out of the capacitors) . I know Nelson Pass makes good stuff and this is a passive amp so nothing could be at fault apart from the volume control that could have worn out. In a passive preamp there’s no direct connection between any power supply and the audio signal. I was just about to order the DACT CT2 stereo 10K pot for a new passive pre-amp project when I ralized that you are right! Every resistor and solder joint is in series with the signal! Having said that, KD's pre-amp (the best I have heard to date) uses the same "pot" design using vishays. This set of circuit boards will make the Aleph J amplifier of Nelson Pass. DC 12V-24V 22Hz-300Hz NE5532 Single-supply Low-pass Filter Plate Subwoofer 2. What could be better? Hardly any noise or distortion added by these simple passive parts. The First Watt B1 Buffer Preamp Article Written By Nelson Pass Of First Watt DIY Audio Kits Reviews, Projects And Articles On Enjoy the Music. Pass is vocal that listening tests remain valuable and that electrical measurements alone do  Exclusive interview with Nelson Pass Please tell us about your role in Pass Labs and more about your First Watt venture? . Now, with a new model called TUK, the company is moving up-range in market-segment, size, and price. S. Best example I have in mind right now is the B1 from Nelson Pass -- I have built (they are audiophile quality diy) 2 and they are everything it makes is Nelson Pass. No feedback, no worrying about what type of capacitors – just musical perfection. Pitting your preamp against Cambridge Audio is a bit like clubbing a baby seal, lol! “the Pass Labs HPA-1 is a bona fide muscle amp in the guise of an equal-opportunity preamp with headfi function. It's a quality passive pre, but as the volume goes higher once it gets to 3 o'clock or higher it slowly turns into active pre for more gain if you need it for low gain poweramps or inefficient speakers. Clean, clear, lots of headroom and with exceptional EQ facilities. Pass described his original idea for the B1 as an 'electronic passive preamp'. Additionally, if a digital source is being used, in addition to phono, a line stage or passive preamp will be necessary. FirstWatt. GAS Flea Market thread . Therefore, I will probably purchase an Adcom GFA-555 or an Emotiva XPA for power. Mint. There are reasons why Nelson Pass warns in the manual for the Xs preamp that “I can only say that if you are on a restricted budget, you might be wise to avoid borrowing one of these. How would these work with a passive tvc preamp? I don't know why not  Jul 27, 2018 When Pass Labs comes out with a new piece of gear the audio industry takes and art of sound reproduction, the XP-12 Preamplifier arrives. Votre panier est vide. Be sure to examine it over the entire frequency range. Adcom should feel quite good about itself on two fronts: one, for producing a winner at this price level comparable to other preamps at two to three times its price, and two, for making the decision to employ the design skills of Nelson Pass. Also, utility: TUK is an all-in-one powered-speaker solution, with a phono-preamp, an asynchronous USB DAC, a headphone amp, preamp controls, a subwoofer crossover, and amplification all built right in. Its a 3-stage 4-transistor class A design . Transfer the file to the folder "FilterData" in My Documents. One way or another a passive preamp is simply a voltage divider which passively controls volume by reducing the voltage level of the audio signal before it’s passed on to a downstream power amplifier. Nelson Pass is a consummate engineer, but he got his start in physics, earning a bachelor's degree from UC Davis. Side A Routinely DIYers opt to make themselves a “ passive preamp” - just an input selector and a volume control. 1) "The LV 105 consists of a MOSFET power amp and a tube preamp" - not true. Rather fed up with this, some months ago I decided to build a couple of passive pre-amps. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Class A SE MOSFET Pre-amplifier PCB based on Aleph P PASS P1. The preamp is an earlier version which is all active (there was a later one which was passive then active). I would like to upgrade the amp until then. About Pass Labs. The company is based in Auburn, California, and is universally regarded as one of the most innovative audio brands in the world. Hi Jon, We might have discussed the Lightspeed concept vol control and I certainly have with Alex. But, I’d temper Nelson’s warning just a bit. A volume control acts just as a passive preamp. 251. Cheap and Cheerful HiFi. That was my initial thought when I listened to the Pass Labs XP-17 Phonostage for the first time. Nelson Pass. Your amp, with 11 dB more gain than the F5, should work well with even less efficient speakers. The two photos that opened this story speak volumes about Nelson Pass. I would like to use the Nelson Pass B-1 buffer preamp. There are 5 line inputs plus a tape input, one pair of tape outputs and two pairs of main outputs and there are seperate listen and record functions so that one input can be listened to while another input is being recored. I've owned my Pass P along with my Aleph O monoblocks for nearly eight years and am happy with them. The critical point is that every solid-state preamp I have auditioned in the past displayed a fairly obvious sonic tell. It's apparently a development of the Nelson Pass B1 so it should solve any . Then, look at the impedance presented to a pot wiper by a typical power amplifier when the pot is used as a "passive preamp". This preamp has been fully checked by our tech. We describe the sound of Pass Labs as warm, liquid with incredible control yet retaining the neutrality and resolution of high-end solid state designs. Reprints of the original published article can be found on the Pass Laboratories DIY web site. 6V) across signal transistor Q3 causes power MOSFET Q2 to mirror the same voltage across R5. But this excellent integrated is so much more — with not only its fine audio reproduction — but exemplary utility. The Forum for High End Audio. 600w at 8ohms. Telecine is trying my Nelson Pass DIY DCB1 buffer at present. I have now spent several months comparing it with every other unit I've been able to find. His measurements indicates a distortion of 0. org. I'm intending to do this myself, (although it may be a little while I haven't even stuffed my board yet) so I'll let you know if it works. Has both passive and active stage. 8 mono-block amplifier carries on Nelson Pass’ long tradition of always improving upon the previous generation of amplifiers in order to achieve a more musical presentation. If you like I can send you an integrated Pass Labs INT-150 for comparison with your F5 and expensive preamp setup. Passive aggressive Join Our Community Subscribe to Paul's Posts. It is unique in that all of the active devices (transistors) are connected in a 'source-follower' configuration, which makes the amp add very little so Every active analog preamp has a volume control. I'm not sure if they are still available as official Pass Labs products but Nelson sells the PCB's through his DIY site . After all, this is not some run-of-the-mill update. Fortunately the XONO is among them. " If you are unfamiliar with First Watt's product spectrum and with PASS Labs' XP-10 is a line stage with home theater bypass, but it was a PASS preamp, and if it sounded like the FET10 with the ProAc Tabletteswell, that would present an issue. Pass holds at least seven U. Nelson Pass doesn't make money off of this venture because he supports the diyaudio community and this is s intellectual property. I recently built his B1 buffer to use with a passive preamp and it performs pretty well. I have it hooked to my LM3886 stereo amp. The last transistor active preamp I owned was Nelson Pass’ Threshold SL 10. Oh boy, what a can of worms I've opened! I'm currently checking out the used market for some good vintage actives so I can compare with my passive SYS. Click to read. The A40 power amp article was published in The Audio Amateur, 4/78, and the A75 power amplifier appears in The Audio Amateur 4/92 and 1/93. Even uses the exact same mosfets as the Pass unit. Nelson Pass will bring a pair of LXmini with LXsub2 and his 2-way and 3-way Analog Signal Processors using only JFET buffer stages for equalization and crossovers. The past couple days, I've literally searched every mention of "preamp" on both websites in hopes of learning more, especially where to go from here. Even though this is basically passive preamp the sound was rough, harsh and irritating, you couldn't feel the music. Here's what has occurred so far, some of these still in progress. ” The Pass Labs XA30. Adcom was one of the champions of reasonably priced high end gear that played beyond its price point. Carver "Statement" Mono-blocks, TriangleArt Reference SE with Pass Labs Xono Phono Preamp, Walker Precision Motor Drive, ClearAudio Goldfinger Diamond v2 cartridge and Origin Conquerer Mk3c tonearm, Polk Audio "Signature" Reference Series 1. This should match most power amplifiers driving the MT section. Avoiding a preamp made the modified EAR sound far better than running through one. . If you stack I was looking around for quite some time trying to find a simple buffer to drive my high gain power amplifier and now I am really interested about this B1 project, so Mr. ). Just finished it. We had lots of good things to say about this combo that, in many systems, are as good as or better than numerous audiophile separates. US Audio Later I made several iterations of line stage with same approach , being so proud for reinventing boiled water , until I got some xerox copies of Sound Practices , where I found that even in boiled water reinventing I wasn’t first …. ) and just replace the old amplifier circuit boards with the new ones. More details on First Watt website. ” Nelson’s article may be found here: www. 2 three chassis preamp, PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MkII, Pioneer Elite I’ve been working on a preamp based on the B1 buffer designed by Mr. 0007% without any feedback, only using two JFET's. That does not happen all that often An LDR is still just a resistive passive preamp unless there is a buffer stage added. Throwing everything I had in-house at the F6 left me with a new found respect for Nelson Pass. Note there is no remote for the preamp. The ACA amplifier is a Nelson Pass design created to teach basic concepts about amplifier design. and suc-cessfully so. Unity gain buffers, usually downstream of the passive, are used by some people to remedy the problem. Used Pass Labs Aleph 3 Power Amp $5,200AUD This little 'porcupine' looking thing disguises unique Single Ended Class 'A' circuitry with the simplicity of only two gain stages, designed by the legendary Nelson Pass. Someone asked Nelson Pass this question at the DIY forum and his reply seemed to indicate that all you'd need to do is connect the second set of outputs parallel with the first, and you'd be good to go. 23. The boards look like this. Cost has never been a reason for choosing a good passive, many cost as much as an active pre, its not about price, its about sound quality. Mean Well power supply is included. MicroZOTL 2. For what it's worth the Art Audio VP1 that I use has the best of both worlds with active or passive modes being available. Very highly aclaimed pre amp. 13: Pass B1 buffer finished and a quick review (8. 250. Kitchen table venture. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Gateway Audio Society. 15) Posted by timb5881 on 2004-03-20, 15:30:19 (66. decided to build the integrated to satisfy a customer I use this DAC and absolutely love it. Does anyone use one? This is not a traditional passive but a buffer . Included in the board are provisions for up to 6 relays for input signal switching and an output relay for delayed start-up muting. So is this a matching preamp for the Pass Labs XA25 power amp that was mentioned here on April 17? It sure seems like it. Since the ML’s have built-in subwoofers, I sampled a substantial number of recordings using the system components and fully passive speakers. Nelson Pass B-1 preamp kit. What is it? Project files for my miniature version of Nelson Pass' B1 buffer/preamp (shown here). Get your Xotic Effect Bass BB-Preamp/Comp Effect Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. However, in the comments to that article, Rafe Arnott wrote “I spoke with Nelson Pass and he said the HPA-1 should be considered the companion preamplifier for the XA25,” which seems odd. I used the Nelson Pass L300/4333 mod to build a passive crossover for the mid/hi and just decided to eliminate the low frequency circuit. The Krell KRS-2 preamplifier is a case in point. Then consider the capacitance added to that load by an interconnect cable and how that also is a function of frequency. Nelson Pass has designed a preamp in true Nelson Pass spirit with few parts and excellent performance. August 25, 2016 by Paul McGowan. Found 200 records in Search of Amp/Preamp Asylum. 5 series from Pass Labs. . V25 Buffered Preamp. 7 Preamp 2x PCB at the best online prices at eBay! The performance of the XA30. Welcome to the AudioAficionado. For those of you who haven’t heard of the XONO – this used to be Pass Labs top-of-the-range phono preamplifier and still ranks among the 10 best preamps on this planet. Perhaps since you have your Pass amp, and already like passive preamps, you should look at the First Watt B-1? It's desinged by Nelson Pass, and buffered, to help your Chinook get along with your X250. In its essence, it is a combination of the XP-10 preamp and the X150. Audio Tone Control Using The TLC074 Operational Amplifier 5 The tone adjusting action in each channel of the tone control circuit is provided by an equalizing amplifier (or active filter) created by placing a frequency-dependent negative feedback network around an operational amplifier. Artisan quality build for speakers on higher efficiency. firstwatt. Passive preamp vs active preamp. is Nelson Pass's way If you want to catch the nuances and the outstanding parameters, such as the harmonic rendering, the correctness of the tone, the reconstruction of the musical soundstage, maybe a transformer preamplifier could be the panacea and, in the case of the Zanden Model 3000, the end of all games. Design notes (specifications): - valve preamp (such as Octave's Phono Modul) or passive preamp (such as Music First Audio's Classic Preamplifier) - built-in preamplifier suitable for various analog and digital sources, w. The First Watt B1 is a stereo buffered passive volume control with two inputs. Hi All, When I built my 4333 project this summer, I decided to bi-amp using a Rane AC22 active crossover to split the signal for low and mid/hi. That's what Nelson Pass does at the company itself. However, playing it today with a CJ MF80 amp, the clarify of this passive preamp is simply stunning. The active preamp inherently has many components in the signal path compared to a passive. I have purchased First Watt F5 on a whim, and I'm very happy with it. It uses all the components of the passive with the addition of a power supply, capacitors, resistors, gain devices, and means by which all these parts are connected. Some time ago a colleague (Shawn Fox) contacted me to find out whether I could test some rare high-mu DHTs. AUDIOPHILES RECENTLY BEGAN re-examining the performance of every link in the audio playback chain, and before long their attention turned to the lowly loudspeaker cable. 10:54. Line Stage Products. Introduction : The biggest challenge faced by full range driver enclosure designers is producing enough bass output to match the rising midrange response typically generated by an efficient full range driver. This passive pre is so simple, powering with a couple of 9V batteries in series would last a looong time. Pass’s career in the audio business is While passive pre-amps are by nature low on features, the Indus SE doesn't force compromises on the user. This is a new product in the Pass line. Developed by the great Nelson Pass. Pass Labs Aleph L Preamplifiers user reviews : 4. 5 in my system a few years ago. I've owned several of Nelson's First Watt amps and they are simply amazing,  I decided to make a B1 buffer for my Nelson Pass F5 power amp after listening to a friends version. Why aren't passive preamps more popular? PASS LABS. I would lean toward a Klipsch speaker with a high end passive network, a tube preamp, and a high end DAC to accept all my sources. The amplifier is powered from 120V AC power. This basic 2-channel preamplifier designed by Nelson Pass has an all FET signal path and minimal circuitry (single gain stage) to preserve signal accuracy and integrity. The Threshold NS 10 was Nelson Pass first preamplifier bearing the Threshold name. Mini size can give you warm tube sound, alluminum chassis with charming tube light and Hi-end terminal. Excellent conditions Pass Labs Aleph P balanced reference preamp designed by Nelson Pass with XLR and RCA ins and out. Nelson Pass explains in the Owner’s Manual: “Is impedance matching an issue? Passive volume controls do have to make a trade-off between input impedance and output impedance. The Mezmerize is a direct coupled preamp (no coupling caps) based on Nelson Pass's B1 Buffer. by Dick Olsher . These are early Pass Labs and built like tanks. Twisted Pear Audio Support » Product Support » Digital » Buffalo DAC » Buffalo 2 used with Nelson Pass B1 buffer. Enough to test it anyway. First Watt amps are designed and built by Nelson Pass himself. You can do this with just two channels by using an inline pad such as the Fearn LP1,which converts line level signal to the correct impedance to work with mic pre inputs. Tube sound (or valve sound) is the characteristic sound associated with a vacuum tube amplifier (valve amplifier in British English), a vacuum tube-based audio amplifier. Discover new artists, find your next high-end gear, and explore what's going on in the world of Hires music. It is a source follower with a constant current source and it's a standard text book circuit. 5 mono block amplifiers. The price of the IO is very reasonable given its superb construction, and a used IO in good condition can be a true bargain. Like others who've posted on this thread, the price of Pass Labs equipment is beyond my reach. The B1 is a no feedback JFet buffer that offers low distortion  Nov 11, 2015 Passive and buffered-passive preamplifiers are popular among Thanks to Nelson Pass, I'm hooked on static induction transistors (SITs). It's a high end sounding preamp/gain unit for something this inexpensive to make. Most audiophiles came to know Pass through his work at the Threshold Corporation, where he resided from 1975 until 1991, when he founded Pass Laboratories. The program for the ATS4-HE/FA252 comes on a memory stick from Jantzen Audio. Neil I must say that I am a bit surprised to see your non-use of the Superior X. auto-detection and auto-protection - minimum 2, upgradeable to many (turntable, tape, CD/DVD/SACD, video, tuner/AUX, MIC, USB, HDMI, Ipod, LAN/Wireless etc. 126) Any one ever own or use a Adcom GFP-1 preamp? I have a chance to buy one, and I am wondering if it is any good. Here is a preamp I built, mainly out of wood and metal scraps I had leftover from other projects. 227. Founded in 1991 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass, Pass Laboratories, Inc. PASS LABS ALEPH P BALANCED PREAMP. Get the best deal for Nakamichi Home Audio Amplifiers & Preamps from the largest online selection at eBay. Post Thanks / Like Stevens & Billington TX102 Passive TVC preamp, Nice passive preamp that I built for a friend, then I found my own NOS pair of TVC (Transformer Volume Control), so I built one for me too. High gain stage with DHT. 1 Channel Pre-Amplifier Preamp Board Module Build a Class-A Amplifier - This is an amplifier design made by Nelson Pass publishes at 1977. Its similar in design to the Nelson Pass' J2 amp. Actual unit for sale is black, NOT gray, photo is for reference only. According to its official literature: "It is configured as a “passive” selector and volume control, but with a no-feedback JFET buffer that offers ultra low distortion and noise with ultra wide bandwidth. 10 hrs ago by RickB. The B1 is a no feedback JFet buffer that offers low distortion and noise with a very wide bandwidth. Capacitors, resistors, coils, do the work of splitting music into two, three, four, sometimes five separate paths to individual driver It really is a very good sounding preamp. The end result is that this Krell has emerged as the equal of the Audio Research SP-11 in defining the state of the preamplifier art. For nearly forty years, Nelson Pass has been designing simple, high-performance electronics. by Paolo Di Marcoberardino: AGD Vivace power amps instead of looking for an exclusive circuital choice or a particular passive component. Yes, quiet and musical, is an apt description. Included with this sale: Preamp, Remote, Power Cord, Manual, Re-usable shipping box with custom injected-foam mold. Audiophile Review conducted this exclusive interview with him to find out what he is up to and what his feelings are on the current state of the industry. 5 or XA. Also includes a schematic. No boards are left. ” I think the GFA-555 was designed by Nelson Pass (not the later versions of the 555). Nelson Pass grew up in northern California, where he attended UC Davis and earned a degree in physics. Let’s elaborate. With trepidation, I started reading reviews andwas very surprised to find my prior experience rather different than that of other reviewers. Pass is vocal that listening tests remain valuable and that electrical measurements alone do not fully characterize the sound of an amplifier. B1 JFET preamp pcb purchase OFFER: Great looking pcb's to attractive prices. I drive Dunlavy SC-4s on custom silver balanced interconnects and Dunlavy speaker cables. BTW, I do understand how the Nelson Pass design works. While the cosmetics of this unit were more like a laboratory audio preamp as opposed to the next generation preamp from Threshold being the SL 10. com Routinely DIYers opt to make themselves a “passive preamp” - just an input selector and a volume control. I was looking through the “back catalogue” my of designs and decided that this has been sitting around for long enough to release :) How big are the boards? Pass Labs INT-60 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed I confess, I'm a lifelong fan and owner of amplifiers built by Nelson Pass--going all the way back to his original company, Threshold, up to the I got this DIY Pass buffer amp on a trade and no longer have need of it as I have gone to an integrated amp. As with the amplifiers, at one point I ordered up a bunch of metal to put line level electronics in. It's dirt cheap compared to the other units you're looking at. At the moment it is being used with a Naim power amp while I save up for the next stage of system development. For what it may be worth, the amp I own, and have owned since the mid 90's is the Adcom GFA-5800, which was designed by Nelson Pass. This amplifier is a direct descendant of the legendary Pass Labs Aleph 3, the amplifier that turned the audio press upon it's ear, brought single-ended amps to many people, and catapulted Pass Labs into the forefront of 5 November 2017 BURNING AMP - Next Sunday in San Francisco - I plan to give a talk about "Baffle design, diffraction, radiation pattern and stereo imaging" (). I always wanted to try one on my other amps. Pass Labs features their patented circuit topology super symmetry in all their CLASS A and CLASS A/B designs. " (ROFLOL "creative engineering") "Pass is fond of saying, "The shark must go forward": the business must always advance. Life at 55 MPH. We offer Personal 1fessional and affordable website hosting plans. Nelson Pass:It is a unique circuit in that at a midpoint setting of the volume control it is a pass-through from input to output, below that it is a passive attenuator, and above that it taps into the output of a gain stage. Pass are there any news about it? Will it contain also volume control and selector as complete preamp unit? Pass Labs’ New XP-12 Preamp, XP-17 Phono Stage at Munich HIGHEND Show. The preamp is one of the most passive sounding preamps around, which is why I enjoy it. Over the years, some of the best Nelson Pass projects have been featured by Audio Amateur and audioXpress magazines. I am aware that Clarity Caps were used on the board. Nelson Pass B1 Korg preamp. Each mono block put out a powerful 600w with 110w in class A, thus, for our normal listening, you will never out of class A domain. i use a dangerous monitor st at the moment. If you only play vinyl or mostly vinyl this is the way to do it. 8 is the best amplifier I have ever owned. Promitheus Audio (Transformer passive preamp, plus phono stage, cables and amplifiers from Malaysia) PTP Audio (Manufacturer of the PTP for the Lenco, plus two turntables using the Lenco drive system) R2R Audio (Single 15" driver, Full-Range, High-Efficency Speakers, with Built-In Amplifiers) This is a truly gorgeous preamp designed and made by californian hi-fi guru nelson pass. Two inputs, switchable from the front panel, two outputs, and two individual gain controls. Pass Labs x600. Speaker Cables — Nelson Pass / 1980. Circuit description The F4 is a Push-Pull, Class-A, Mosfet power amplifier. Nelson Pass B1 Buffer Pre-Amplifier DIY I decided to make a B1 buffer for my Nelson Pass F5 power amp after listening to a friends version. I had a spare pcb sitting around for a while and since it is such a good pre-amp, easy to build and the fact I had 90% of the parts already it was a situation of might as well. I use the Adcom GFP 750 preamp. Heeding Alex's warning about impedance needs, a variant has been designed for which PCBs and matched LDRs are available over at the DIYaudio Nelson Pass forum. I have all the parts and will start building soon. A source for music lovers and audiophiles. 8, with the “M” standing for “magical. I wonder how the TVC will compare when you get it sorted. It boasts symmetrical Salas shunt voltage regulators that use LED strings for very accurate voltage reference. 1: Adcom GFP-1 (16. This combination seems made for each other, heck maybe they were. the absolute sound burmester pass labs music hall maven vpi cleaner totem one speakers full reviews and contents . Maybe give Mr Pass a call, and see what he thinks? Exclusive interview with Nelson Pass How it all started and when it was the first time you would considering entering the high-end audio industry? In college, another guy and I formed a little loudspeaker company and cranked out a few 3 way speakers with a 12” woofer, 5 inch Peerless midrange and Peerless tweeter. The important thing about NFB is that the circuit elements should never be able to adversely load down the circuit in which they are in. and my system. At first, the concept of tube sound did not exist, because practically all electronic amplification of audio signals was done with vacuum tubes and other comparable methods were not known or used. This amplifier gives out 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 24 watts into 6 ohms, and 28 watts into 4 ohms. First Watt B1 Buffer Preamp and J2 Power JFET Amplifier Review Passive volume controls do have to make a trade-off between input impedance and With First Watt, you don't just get a component, you get a Nelson Pass commentary and  a direct coupled preamp (no coupling caps) based on Nelson Pass's B1 Buffer. I looked seriously at building a Nelson Pass B1 zero-feedback buffer, (see HERE), but then I figured if it ain't broke don't fix it. Of of the drawbacks of using a I suspect that the stereo analogue signal presented to the AUX-IN jacks (again at line level from the output of an analogue source--a phono preamp, say) is also connected (internally) to the digital side of this preamp/network streamer/player whereby it can be digitally processed, enhanced, and either output in digital format or reconverted to Nelson Pass (Pass Labs) DIY site Picking Capacitors (Part I) and (Part II) by Walt Jung and Richard Marsh Per-Anders Sjöström's hifi pages projects, kits, downloads, links, blog, forum, etc. Bride of Zen - The Bride of Zen (BOZ), designed by Nelson Pass and described in The Audio Amateur, 1994, is a very simple line-level preamplifier which contains only a single medium-power MOSFET per channel (see the schematic on this page). Two years ago, EAN reviewed the Pass Labs INT-150, a 150-watt Class-A/B MOSFET output version of the Nelson Pass-designed, super-symmetry amplifier — combined with its new preamp designs. 8; in particular the INT-60 is a stereo amplifier using the hardware of a single channel XA-60. The Finalist speakers I just finished building are very power hungry that requires more power than my older receiver can comfortably provide. The IO described in this review is the original, non Signature model, with a single power supply. " "And as well as Nelson Pass, Wayne Colburn is responsible for creative engineering. Regarding the Tisbury versus my custom, Nelson Pass–designed Rocness BA-3 preamp, the Tisbury provided a very subtle veil, a softening with loss of the highest frequencies. I have gotten so far into the "no digital noise" I removed my preamp from the system, no more remote controls, no more digital displays and go from my phono section into a passive volume control into my power amps. Finally, credit goes to Wayne Colburn, usually our preamp designer, for the work integrating new preamp circuits into these amplifiers. But there must be more. Nelson Pass is a legend in the Industry, and the XP-22 appears to be the sweet spot in the XP range anyway. Refer to those articles for the theory of operation, electrical details and construction hints. It is no longer passive. boyz from Italia already made Euridice preamp ; anyway , intermediate iteration was with two halves of 6DJ8 I'm going to build some DIY SIT-3s this fall, mostly because it was fun to build the F4s and will be entertaining to try another amp. Since I bi-amp my speakers and the Gustard only has one SE out and I hate splitters I use a homemade buffered pre-amp based on Nelson Pass's B1. By Jan Didden The circuit is practically identical to the Pass Labs Aleph P. The First Watt Model B1 Buffer Preamplifier Operating at the speed limit! Review By Dick Olsher First Watt's latest DIY offering, the B1 buffer stage, is described by Nelson Pass as "a no-feedback JFET buffer that offers ultra low distortion and noise with ultra wide bandwidth. US Audio Mart Pass Labs XA60. you can also give an overall feedback if required, from output to TL072 inverting input through suitable resistance. Bud, i'm glad to hear you've got your Pass preamp back & it s playing glorious music again. And there are many people/reviewers who favour autoformers (MC, Jason Kennedy, Raffa Todes, Jon Honeyball etc. Its a powered active (single) stage with no gain. I would also take a look into the new First Watt B1 Buffer Preamp by Nelson Pass. Purchasd new from US dealer. Surely all this has been active long enough to no longer catch our readers in the dark. It's apparently a development of the Nelson Pass B1 so it should solve any impedance matching problems. 5 to the 10W/ch First-Watt series, from open-baffles to giant pipe speakers, Nelson Pass has designed them all. There is a buffered design on the net by Nelson Pass for a passive preamp that I have not tried that might be worth a try. 8 is so special that HTR publisher Jerry Del Colliano and I have joked at times that Nelson Pass should consider renaming this amplifier the XM30. Lowther Open Baffle / Acoustic Elegance H Frame System. It does not amplify the signal, but it provides impedance matching (output impedance is 125 Ohm). Nelson Pass was brought in as consultant for the now legendary GFA-500 series amplifiers that were designed with an austere black finish, with white and silver models available as special-order options. DIY passive line level attenuator pad Have you got a line level from your components that is too high for your preamp input? I have buffers in my input interconnects to expand the soundstage presentation, add tube character, and open up the dynamic range by impedance matching (Jolida Foz SS-X, iFi iTube, and Burson Cable+ Pro, respectively). Recently I bought the Pass B1 (DC-coupled 2015 version), which is a buffered passive preamp that uses JFETs and no capacitor in the signal pathway. ), and auto-switch The BB Preamp-Comp can be powered by an AC adaptor or 9V Battery (not includedl). It has one input pair and one output pair. Class A pre-amplifier without negative feedback loop. I suspect you are talking about the one in the link below. As for myself, I tried 3 passive preamps about 15-20 years ago, and realized early on that a passive . I set the volume of that around 12 o'clock and then use the Gustard's digital volume control to adjust the volume. My prime interest in this unit, however, was how it would perform as a microphone preamp. Sep 28, 2017 Happy Happy Joy Joy - PASS Labs XP-10 Preamplifier that I encountered a Threshold FET-10 (or was it an FET09 preamp?) designed by Nelson Pass. So were the GFA-565 mono monsters. Dallas replaced that. Nelson Pass is one of the most well known audio engineers in the industry. What I haven’t talked about is how this amp sounds when paired with the Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier used as a preamp. ” 6Moons “Dynamics and authority are two of the best qualities in all listening sessions with the HPA-1, regardless of the headphone. In 1991, with twenty years experience under his belt, he founded Pass Laboratories which has since become among the most highly regarded companies for high-end power and integrated amplifiers. The vast majority of loudspeakers use passive means to separate frequencies. 8 Mono Block Amps, 60 Watts Pure Class A Yes, we have the meter just like the other Point 8 amps. Nearly 40 years, much critical acclaim, seven granted patents, and great commercial success have transpired between these pictures, but Nelson today remains the same brilliant designer he was then, passionately pursuing ever more innovative ways of amplifying audio signals. I didn’t have them in my stash, so he offered to send them across for testing. Nelson Pass has a manual on the Aleph J here. Yes, we have the meter just like the other Point 8 amps. Do yourself a favour and investigate passive (zero gain) preamps. Listening to it on a Pass . Hi Chris the Amp Camp Amp is a power amp not an integrated so you will need to put a preamp in front for more gain to achieve more decent listening levels. Get the latest high end audio and audiophile news, updates, reviews and more from top audiophile blogs, audio industry magazines, forums & more. Good transparent active preamps are not that common, most have too much crap in the signal path and way more gain than necessary. What could be  The so-called "passive preamp," an attempt to achieve the ideal line stage without a . I bought this pre-amp after reading positive reviews and listening to a demo of it being used in a high-class ATC-based system. Liquid and very nice detail with all the warmth you'd expect from a Class A design. Mr. Passive vs active preamplifier? Sep 26, 2012 Nelson Pass-designed, super-symmetry amplifier — combined with its new This made-in-USA integrated sports the same passive preamp, features The preamp side of the equation is Pass's passive attenuation control  Jul 26, 2016 More herd The Nelson Pass designed all Class A dual Mono amps. Looking simple but it is full of features, 6 inputs with one balanced, 2 RCA, one balanced and one record outputs. I thought I knew better but passives due to the fact that they are not buffered are far from ideal. e. Pass Labs Xs Preamps offer true “dual-mono” design, greater power supply regulation, minimal noise, and negligible channel to channel “cross-talk. Nelson Pass (born June 27, 1951) is a designer of audio amplifiers. Cosmetically, there are scratches on the front panel. " TNT-Audio: listening and comparison tests of integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, preamps and phono preamps Amplifiers Reviews and tests of preamplifiers, power amplifiers, integrateds, phono preamps, sound processors and DSPs Luminous Audio Axiom II Signature passive preamp caddock upgrade 110 110 USD USD. A quick chat with Alan alerted me to a B1 buffer being sold by Jazid (James) so I snapped it up. I might have a go at adding sub outs to that but as I say the preamp before the miniDSP sounds fine. 20 KHz Passive / Active EQ Founded in 1991 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass Designed by Nelson Pass. The KEF R900s, Pass SR-1s, my little Westlake, and Legacy Studio bookshelfs, as well as a pair of Bryston A2 three-ways. I had a Pass Labs phono stage and Aleph amp at one time and thought they were very good. I need 4 volts into about 5 kOhms, so the tube will be a 6BQ5, in triode. It has separate MM and MC phonot stages (Hypnotoad DIY kits), a DCB1 preamp (based on a Nelson Pass design) and a Goldpoint passive attenuator with a remote control motor drive. Someone suggested me a First Watt F7, but its also Nelson Pass work so i think it will sound similar, also only 25w, that will definitely not be enough to drive 4435 when i get them. Case-in-point-is the new Pass Labs INT-150 integrated amplifier. Here it is in a nutshell: the diode voltage drop (~0. The sound is extremely neutral without being clinical - just about what you were looking for when you were thinking about a passive preamp. FS: Nelson Pass Buffer/Passive Preamp I bought the PCB for this project several years ago and completed building it about a year ago. but i would very much prefer a passive solution. For a light switch reminder, reviews of the F1 thru F4 plus Aleph J have all the relevant information covered solid in our archives. With the HPA-1 you are basically getting a Pass Labs preamp with a world-class headphone amp thrown in for $200 less than the XP-10. It also had an outboard Nelson Pass (born June 27, 1951) is a designer of audio amplifiers. For a detailed analysis, read his Zen version 2 article at www. ) New high end Nord TVC passive preamp on the lab bench Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac 69,555 views. The sound is extremely neutral without being clinical – just about what you were looking for when you were thinking about a passive preamp. Pass DIY B1 buffer preamp using the Pass DIY board and transistors. Seetharaman’s words about the circuit: Iam just enclosing you the TL072 (TL062 or 82 also can be used) passive tone control with 20dB boost and cut with a overall gain of around 25. 86) I've always wanted to use a passive (non gain) preamp for years and the Pass B1 does EXACTLY as Nelson describes. The Pass Labs XA60. com I've had a friendly exchange with him myself over my excellent Pass B1 passive buffered preamp. For passive transducers, it is a matter of selecting which input impedance sounds best - 5M or 10M - it can vary. The Zen amp and preamp I've built are the creation of Nelson Pass. Used it for around six months with a SE Tube amp with pleasing results but then bought a Croft preamp so have no further need of it. For other locations, please request a quote prior to purchase. It is low-powered (6-8Ws per channel), run in pure Class A, capacitor coupled on the output, and is even single-ended. Let’s meet this man who chooses his own direction, and gives generously to the audio DIY community. Nelson Pass and Co. When Pass Labs is mentioned, it's natural to think of its founder, iconic engineer Nelson Pass. passive volume control (resistors vs tvc vs ldr) hey there, im trying to find out more about passive volume controls. nelson pass passive preamp

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